Industrial Asset Recovery

GSD Companies offers Industrial Asset Recovery in Houston including across the United States and its territories. We’ll help you address your idle and surplus industrial assets to maximize their value and reduce your costs and liabilities.

We can address many types of assets during the recovery process, including:

  • Industrial equipment and machinery.
  • Rolling stock.
  • Electrical switch gears.
  • Scrap metal.
  • Spare parts.
  • IT assets
  • Maintenance tools and equipment.

Investment Recovery Safety

At GSD Companies, safety is the way we do business. For proof of our commitment to safety, look at our:

  • Training: Our associates undergo vigorous training to gain expertise in our various services.
  • Safety record: We have an impeccable safety record because we use professional equipment, take the appropriate safety precautions and have a team of experts on every project.
  • Safety compliance: GSD Companies meets OSHA and EPA requirements.

Our Industrial Asset Recovery Services

The investment recovery services at GSD Companies follow a thorough process to make sure you receive the maximum value for your assets.

1. Identification

We’ll identify all your company’s surplus or idle assets. Since unused industrial equipment depreciates, finding a more practical use is crucial.

2. Redeployment

Our redeployment step determines a more productive use for idle equipment in your facility. Redeployment options include:

  • Reuse: Find a use for the asset somewhere in your facility.
  • Recondition: Refurbish the asset to add it back into production.

3. Divestment

If you cannot redeploy the asset, we’ll help you divest the equipment to maximize its value. GSD Companies will identify the divestment method that brings the highest value to your company. Options include:

  • Resell: Sell the asset to someone else through a direct sale, auction or another method.
  • Reclaim: Use parts of the asset for another purpose.
  • Recycle: Sell the asset for its scrap value.
  • Removal: Dispose of the asset.

Benefits of Investment Recovery

Industrial Asset Recovery is an effective way to address your surplus and idle supplies. The advantages of Investment Recovery include:

  • Generating revenue: Selling industrial equipment your company no longer needs.
  • Lowering costs: An investment recovery program reconditions industrial equipment, which is more cost-effective than buying new machinery.
  • Reducing waste: Your facility will have less waste with an industrial recovery program. You can redistribute your surplus supply elsewhere instead of using space.
  • Promoting sustainability: Investment recovery enables idle equipment to be used again or recycled correctly. This eco-friendly practice reduces hazardous waste and keeps industrial equipment out of landfills.

Working with a national industrial turnkey service provider like GSD Companies for industrial asset recovery allows you to access our extensive knowledge and experience. We’ll help you handle each phase of the process to gain the maximum return for your industrial equipment.

Choose GSD Companies for Investment Recovery Services Today

When you need Industrial Asset Recovery in Houston or anywhere in the United States and its territories, choose GSD Companies. We have over 35 years of experience with investment recovery along with offering demolition, dismantling and environmental services. We serve various industries, including power, automotive, oil and chemical.

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