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Environmental Dredging

Dredging, water quality requirements, contaminated sediments, and landfill capping are just a few of the services GSD Companies can do to meet your project qualifications.  We provide the expertise necessary to perform your environmentally sensitive remediation project.  GSD Companies are experienced in dredging and removing contaminated sediments and capping those areas requiring environmental remediation. 

All work is monitored using state-of-the-art GPS software and dredging equipment.  

GSD Companies is a National Industrial Turnkey Service Contractor specializing in demolition, dismantling, environmental remediation and asset recovery.  Specifically, at GSD Companies, we provide a wide range of environmental solutions that are custom-tailored to each of our customer’s requirements. We specialize in both mechanical and hydraulic dredging depending on the project-specific needs. 

GSD Companies offers dredging for the following: 

  • Ponds 
  • Lagoons
  • Levies
  • Dikes
  • Landfills
Dredging Contractors

Types of Dredging Services

Mechanical Dredging

Mechanical dredging is the most cost-effective solution t excavating in removing soils and sediment in ponds, lagoons, levies, dikes and landfills.  Mechanical dredging is used to remove large soil and sediment deposits from various bodies of water and landfills.  After the material has been removed from bodies of water and landfills with mechanical dredging, it can be transferred into trucks or barges for disposal or potential reuse. 

Hydraulic Dredging

If you need to remove large volumes of organic or inorganic soil or sediments from a body of water or landfill, hydraulic dredging is the most economic source to do the job. This equipment uses a system of rotating underwater cutters and pumps to turn soil and sediment into a slurry that’s then moved using a floating pipeline system. Hydraulic dredges operate in a fraction of the time mechanical dredges take to complete a job and are preferred for removing high volumes of soil and sediment from bodies of water or landfills.

Hydraulic dredging provides the cleanest and least obtrusive method for soil and sediment removal without damaging the environment.

Compared to mechanical dredging, hydraulic dredging requires a larger disposal pond so that slurry can dry for future removal. 

GSD Companies is also capable of designing and operating water filtration systems, such as bag filters, sand filters, active carbon and aluminum filters, to ensure all water quality standards are met.

Benefits of Dredging with GSD Companies

Mechanical and Hydraulic dredging have the following benefits: 

  • Cleaning Ecosystems
  • Removes Pollutants
  • Reclaims Land 
  • Restores Environments
Dredging Contractors

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